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Over 36 Years Of Successful Representation In Guardianship and Conservatorship matters. Are you asking yourself, When would a conservatorship be a good idea for a family member? Contact Keith Logue today at (770)321-5750

Protecting those who need it most Marietta, GA

Guardianship ‎Attorney Keith Logue helps clients through the difficult but often necessary process to appoint a legal guardian or establish a conservatorship.

Appointing a legal guardian to make decisions or establishing a conservatorship to manage a person’s estate and financial affairs isn’t a decision to take lightly; it’s a process that’s often the only choice for those who, due to health reasons, no longer understand the consequences of their day-to-day actions. Or have developmental delays that prevent them from making sound, rational decisions about their affairs.

Keith Logue understands it’s not about taking control, but protecting the best interests of clients who no longer have the capacity to fully understand their actions and refuse help. The decision to appoint a guardian or establish a conservatorship is often the only choice families and loved ones have.

At a large firm, it is all too easy to feel like a small client. At Logue Law , there are no small clients. Our clients enjoy direct access to Keith Logue throughout the legal process. At Logue Law, we provide knowledgeable business law representation to clients in Fulton, Cobb, Cherokee, and Forsyth counties. Logue Law is committed to our clients, listening to your unique situations and guiding you through the legal process.

The Guardianship and Conservatorship Attorney in Marietta that cares about you and your family

Since 1979, Keith Logue has focused on thousands of cases at his Marietta practice. He has dedicated his practice to meeting the needs of his clients, and has the experience to handle the most complex cases. Based in Marietta, Georgia, the Logue practice handles parties in Fulton, Cobb, Cherokee and Forsyth counties.

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What Clients Say:

When I asked you to help me with my 501c3 application for Throne of Grace ministries...I never expected what I got. You charged me half of what others had asked to do the work. Further, our application was approved by the IRS in a record short time. I believe it was no more than six weeks. I had heard, and they state in their documents that it can take up to six months. Your thorough knowledge of how the system works and the correct way to apply made it possible to be approved so quickly. I would recommend you anytime to anyone without qualification personally and professionally.
-Rev. A.F., Marietta, GA
Client Testimonial

Guiding clients through the guardianship and conservatorship process

Keith Logue can help. His office works with clients to begin the process of establishing a legal guardian in probate court – leading clients through the entire guardianship and conservatorship process, including:

  • Representing clients during all phases of the probate court process.
  • Signing legal petitions and filing them in the appropriate court.
  • Guiding clients through the process of the probate judge selecting medical professionals in capacity determinations.
  • Counseling clients through the process of a judge making a guardianship/conservatorship determination.

Often, clients contact the Logue legal firm about the guardianship process when family members or those they care about are battling degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, a stroke, senility or debilitating accidents and can no longer make decisions for themselves. Or, a parent or concerned party has an adult with developmental delays that lacks the capacity to make coherent decisions.

Typically, family members are don’t know where to turn. It’s important to remember that, unless a guardianship is absolutely necessary to ensure a person’s health and safety, it will not be awarded by a judge.

Trust Attorney Keith Logue to handle your loved one’s affairs with the same care and attention that a family member would. Contact Keith Logue today at (770)321-5750.

Logue Law Over 36 years of experience in Guardian and Conservatorship Law

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