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Whether a small business or you're an individual, defendant or plaintiff, you need the advice and guidance of a litigator who has experience with all aspects of civil litigation in Marietta, GA. Keith Logue has over 36 Years Of Successful Representation In civil litigation matters and can prepare and file the lawsuit while continuing to try to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. Contact Keith Logue today at (770)321-5750

The civil litigation expert that you can trust - Marietta, GA

Most clients don’t go into business or personal relationships with a lawsuit in mind. But, due to a variety of circumstances and factors, lawsuits happen every day and are an unfortunate fact of life.

When you need a polished and experienced civil litigation expert, contact Marietta Attorney Keith Logue. His Marietta law firm represents clients during complex civil litigation. Our Marietta office and team of civil litigation attorneys delivers successful results for our clients – jury awards and successful verdicts in their favor.

Keith Logue, The experience you need!

Since 1979, Keith Logue has focused on thousands of cases at his Marietta practice. Who’s guiding your case? Is it a novice or a legal “expert” without the courtroom experience? Understanding legal implications can be complex and confusing; it’s why you need a legal expert with decades of experience in the courtroom and a reputation for legal excellence. Based in Marietta, Georgia, the Logue practice handles parties in Fulton, Cobb, Cherokee and Forsyth counties.

Contact A. Keith Logue For a Free Consultation to see why he's the right lawyer for your civil litigation.

What Clients Say: Reviews

When legal matters arise, anxiety is often at it's peak. Mr. Keith Logue was highly recommended in the area of law that I was in desparate need of, and he immediately put me at ease with his knowledge and general demeanor. Mr. Logue kept in constant contact with me throughout my case, while his patience was commendable! Additionally, his court performance was quite commanding, handling my case in an honorable and distinguished manner.
When legal matters arise, Mr. Keith Logue is definitely the lawyer I would call upon for future support. I would recommend his services to all in need of legal assistance.
-L.G., Roswell, GA
Litigation Review

Guiding clients through the civil litigation process

Keith Logue can help. We’ll fight for you. You can count on Keith Logue to guide your case every step of the way. We’ve represented clients’ best interests since 1979. And our practice has earned the highest rating (“AV”) from Martindale-Hubbell, which rates attorneys across the country.

For more than 36 years, we’ve represented a number of civil cases, from class action lawsuits to individual cases. No two are alike. Attorney Keith Logue develops specific strategies for your case, aimed at protecting your best interests during the entire civil litigation process:

    • Small claims (Magistrate Court matters)
    • Lien Filing and Foreclosure
    • Construction Litigation
    • Landlord Tenant Disputes
    • Contract Disputes
    • Contract Disputes
    • Deceptive Trade Practices
    • Debtor and Creditor Disputes
    • Declaratory Judgment Actions
    • Corporate Governance
    • Temporary Restraining Orders
    • Property Disputes or Damages
    • Administrative Law Matters
    • Business Disputes
    • Commercial Law Disputes
    • Libel, Defamation and Slander Suits
    • Trade Secret Litigation
    • Non-Compete Litigation
    • Employment Law

    Trust Attorney Keith Logue to handle your civil litigation matters. Contact Keith Logue today at (770)321-5750.

Logue Law Over 36 years of experience in Civil Litigation Law

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